Brush Dryer: What It Is and the Main Advantages

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Whether to go to a party, a date or go out with friends, the important thing is that you are well with yourself and feel beautiful.Regardless of the occasion, practicality should always be present ,streamlining your routine and providing new forms of self-care.

And, an indispensable item in the home of many women is the dryer brush , a key piece in moments focused on beauty. The accessory is extremely efficient and highly sought after by those who want to innovate in their look.

In addition to making it easier to create new hairstyles,the dryer brush offers different possibilities: it dries and shapes at the same time . Being the perfect option to bring more savings, reducing expenses with the beauty salon.

And we at Quanta , an important international electronic sand home appliance brand, strongly believe in this product, as a way of opening space in the market and improving its products to provide the best experience to its customers.

With that in mind, we have created a complete post with everything you need to know about the dryer brush . Are you curious? Check out!

What is the dryer brush?

For those who want to innovate in the look , there is nothing like changing your hair a little from time to time. In addition to being a striking feature, it can reflect your attitudes and emotions at different times.

And the Quanta dryer brush plays an important role in this transformation. The 2 in 1 accessory is made up of a rigid electric brush -unlike the straightening brush -, capable of heating hair strands, providing a smoothing effect.

In addition to the light trim, the hairstyle looks beautiful, and is a quality that is very much appreciated by women.

How does the dryer brush work?

Similar to the straightening brush, the equipment is responsible for making the strands smoother, reducing even the frizz (those hairs that are creepy and make the hair look messy).

The accessory has hot and cold air vents, and bristles, in addition to its brush shape, which makes it easier to dry your hair.

To achieve the desired effect, the appliance has a ceramic coating, maintaining the hydration of the wires, and different power intensities.

Anatomically shaped and fully coated, the Quanta dryer brush is easy to handle . This way, you can dry and straighten your hair at the same time, using only your hands to support the appliance. Avoiding the need for a specialist to change the hairstyle.

In addition, it is possible to dispense with the use of the brush, since the accessory, when turned off, works like a normal hairbrush.

It is important to remember that the Quanta dryer brush makes rotating movements, but is capable of providing results similar to straightening.

Through its resistant bristles, the Quanta dryer brush can dry and straighten, having a significant effect on straight and wavy hair.

The brand is constantly innovating in its products to always offer the best articles for your life, bringing comfort, practicality and efficiency to your routine.